The Proposal / Auckland

It's funny how easily we can connect with people who share common interests and passions. My biggest take from photography has to be the people I connect with. 

Misi, a great friend of my flatmate Renee had admired my work for some time. We followed each other on Instagram, bonded, and forged a friendship. Also a great photographer (check him out here) proposed (full pun intended) an idea that I just couldn't say no too! 

He wanted me to capture his proposal. There is nothing more special. Genuine moments that can't be explained, only captured. So with that, the planning and scouting took place. Misi wanted to do it in the city, somewhere not too busy to draw a lot of attention. Night meant somewhere well lit where a flash wouldn't be needed.

Silo Park. A pedestrian crossing. Two spotlights. We had the spot.

Misi and Tessa had reached a crossing in their lives and were now ready for the next step, so to speak.

Thank you to Renee for getting trigger happy on the second angle camera!