Maddie + Tyler / Rotorua Wedding

Following on from their engagement shoot, I couldn't wait to be a part of Tyler and Maddie's momentous occasion. I mean, a vintage themed wedding on a beautiful farm far removed from, well anything, was going to be amazing. Add in a young couple head over heels for one another and you have the perfect recipe right?

The morning started early as Aidan and I made our way to Rotorua. The Fitzgerald Glade is always a pleasure to drive through. Despite the forecast for rain the weather was looking spot on! Both Tyler and Maddie were getting ready at the same hotel (convenient for this photographer) so first on the list was to catch up with the girls as they got pampered.

I got a text from the boys saying they were ready so it was to the elevator and up one floor for some pre-ceremony banter. As Tyler put on his waistcoat and checked the mirror I heard him say, "I feel like a Mormon going on a mission". One of the boys promptly replied, "Are we biking there?" * Insert a room full of laughter.

Outside things were getting ready, the wedding cars were arriving. And keeping in theme, they were nothing short of perfect.

A quick stop in with the girls, who were looking amazing, before we departed for the farm.

P.S Hotel rooms are great for getting ready in!

In what seemed like a very short 40 minutes the weather had pulled a u-turn heading for rainsville. Not ideal when you have a ceremony and reception outside! But, the show must go on. 

Nothing says vintage like a beautifully restored split screen Kombi. But wait there's more, another Kombi and a soft top Beetle. Perfection.

A very intimate ceremony shared in such an intimate and meaningful setting, plus a bit of sun stopped by!

We headed around the farm to capture the bridal party, and some more laughs. And then it happened. 

It started to rain. So we cut our losses and headed back for the reception.

Tears, rains, and laughter.

Guests ran for the trees, tables in hand. The rain played a cruel game of start, stop. I guess it got tired because then it just stopped!

With light quickly escaping from the day, I grabbed Tyler and Maddie away so we could finish what we'd started. 

Capturing some really special moments, in a special place.

As the sun went to sleep it was time to make the journey back to Auckland. A stunning day spent with stunning people.