Blair + Tayler / Waihi Proposal

When Blair rang me late one evening and said he had to spill the beans, I knew something special was about to take place. What he told me just took it to the next level. He didn’t even ask about photos, he just wanted me to be there. As if the camera was staying in the car!

He was going to propose to the love of his life, an American dream girl, in one of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand, period. Orokawa Bay, a 45 min walk north from Waihi beach. Soft sand, crashing waves, a little forest and seclusion, the perfect location.

And he was going to do it the only way possible, the Blair Paterson way.

The morning after Tayler’s birthday she received a letter instructing her to go to lunch at one of their favourite cafés, while Blair was at ‘work’.

A second letter at the café instructed Tayler to head to Waihi, where Brea would convince her to take a ‘short walk’ to Orokawa Bay.

Blair, Monita and myself headed to the bay earlier and got things set up. After a quick change threatened by the upcoming tide, we waited and waited. Hoping Tayler would pop out from the track.

There was no service at the beach so there was no way we knew exactly how far the girls were, but just before six they appeared.

You couldn't wipe the grin of Tayler's face. She suspected something after recieving the second letter that morning. After making her way through the thirthenth letter she headed to Blair, and then magic happened.

Brea ran down followed by Monita who was hiding behind the tree. I had done a 180 and it wasn’t until I was walking to Blair and Tayler from the beach did she see me!

Celebrations took place and love was definitely in the air.

The sun was slowly setting so we took advantage of the golden light show before starting the 45 min walk back. As soon as there were signs of service Blair and Tayler were FaceTiming and calling family and friends back home in America.

With emotions on cloud 9 we filled our tummies with Fish & Chips and made our journey back to Hamilton.


Video of how it all went down!