Cry Wolf Reuinion / The Meteor

Back track ten years ago. Getting handed a 'hardcore' CD at school, than heading to my first hardcore show that friday night.

Going to shows every friday and saturday night is what made the week so bearable. Hanging out with friends, throwing down, two-steppin, spin kicking, drinking draft colas and falling asleep with ringing ears.

At some point in 2005 I took a five megapixel camera and started aimlessly pointing at people and clicking, in near darkness. This is how photography began for me. It was a release, an excitement I still can't explain.

Fast forward to 2007 and my friends I was going to shows with, began playing in these shows.

Cry Wolf was born. 

Shows up and down the country over a span of four years. From there the boys went their own way, with four of them ending up in Melbourne anyway. And Mikey now residing in the most hardcore region of New Zealand, Taranaki. 

Fast forward again to two nights ago. The boys were all gathered for a one and only reunion show (over two nights). It wasn't just a reunion for the band, friends from all over were re-united. 


Don't turn your back on the wolf pack.

Technical side-note: I left my sync-cables at home, which resulted in continually being amazed at the 5D Mk3's low light capabilities, helped with Canon's fastest, widest lens; 24 1.4L.


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