Andrew + Erin / Kelowna / Part 2

The Wedding

Following on from Part 1, welcome to the Wedding Day.

Up bright an early to meet the girls down at the salon for their transformations.

I made my way back to the hotel where the boys were getting ready.

As the boys got ready to head to the venue I made my way across town to Hotel Eldarado, a beautiful hotel sitting on the edge of Lake Okanagan. This is where the reception was to be held. But the girls had arrived earlier and were finishing getting ready.

I headed with the girls to the ceremony at Summerhill Pyramid Winery. A gentle breeze blowing and the sun beating down. 

After the ceremony Andrew and Erin opened a bottle of champagne, with a saber. It was the first time seeing it done, and it was cool! The technique is called Sabrage and is done with the blunt edge of a blade.

After the sabrage and congratulations the bridal party and I headed for a location I had seen the day before. Knox Mountain. Fortunately, or unfortunately for this photographer, we didn't run into any Grizzlies. 

We all headed for the hotel one last time for the reception.

I noticed the sun was getting low enough on the horizon, so I grabbed Andrew and Erin and we went for a quick walk and dance along the lake before heading up to the rooftop balcony for the sunset.

As the sun set we made our way back for the bouquet toss and finished the night was dancing, drinking and more dancing.

It was an absolute honour to go back to Canada for Andrew and Erin's wedding. All the best guys!


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