2014 / A year in review

As each year passes by we are left standing on the 31st of December telling each other how quickly this year has gone. And each year just goes quicker than the one that came before it.

As I sat down to choose a single photo from each month and I simply couldn't. Twenty fourteen has been massive, and so so so much happened, as you'll see when you scroll down. One photo just wouldn't be enough, choosing two photos wasn’t nearly enough to show what happened. But painstakingly I managed to select 24 photos that were highlight moments for me (there's still a lot I missed!).



The year started with a wedding, and not just any wedding. It involved a jet boat, a helicopter and one amazing backdrop, Lake Tekapo. I turned business into pleasure and spent just under two weeks exploring Central Otago.


I got to witness and capture one of my best friends wedding. It was an honour and a privilege. An amazing day at an amazing location. On top of this I got to make a trip across the ditch to spend time with the girl of my dreams.


I was lucky enough to capture a very intimate wedding at the Hamilton gardens for a friend. A beautiful wedding need not be extravagant and lavish. I got to show off a great part of our country to a couple of Canadians and an America. I love New Zealand.


One of the smartest most humble souls I know and have the honour of calling my friend graduated. The summer weather hung around a little longer and trips to the beach were frequent.



Trips so frequent I convinced some good friends to head out to Raglan for a portrait shoot. May was also the start of a six week adventure through North America that started with a wedding on the west coast of Canada.



After the wedding Monita and I made our way from the west coast to the east coast of Canada, and than back from the east to the west of America. It was beyond amazing


Before heading back home I spent a few days in Sydney. July was a slow cold month but it was a good time to get on top of work and catch up with old friends.


I braved the cold and spent a very educational day with some very talented and well respected photographers. Oh, and another trip to the beach even in winter.


I relived some memories and captured a reunion show of one of the greatest hardcore bands of all time. Also got to show my family around Queenstown and the surrounding areas for an entire week. 



I found the coolest mini forest in the middle of suburbia, and had one amazing engagement shoot in it. As if I didn't have enough time away, Monita and I squeezed in a long weekend get away to Russell in the Bay of Islands.


Summer was meant to be around the corner but we were given cold winds and gloomy clouds. From a portrait shoot turned afternoon out in Auckland to my second time to the Red Barn for another amazing wedding. Sometimes the weather just worked in our favour. 


The start of summer, the fourth year of Life As I Shoot It, an new take on an engagement shoot in a old location and making adventures with new friends.


So there you have it, twenty fourteen in twenty four photos. I am so blessed to have been given so many opportunities and lucky to have crossed paths with so many amazing people in so many different places.