Arie + Tash / An Auckland Afternoon

I got to know Tash through our mutual love for good images. A couple years went by and Tash found herself head over heels for Arie.

So when Tash contacted me to capture some moments of herself and Arie, a talented photographer whom I have admired for years, I couldn’t say no. The thought gave me nerves in an exciting kind of way. It wasn’t like any other photo shoot I had done before. It was more relaxed, more intimate and most importantly more fun.

We started the afternoon with chilled sodas at a New York styled neighbourhood bar in the heart of Ponsonby. Arie and Tash sipped on their sodas, chatting away and observing the colourful characters and nuances of the bustling central Auckland suburb.

We walked, talked and laughed, chilled out by the shore and lay in the grass. With great company and great weather we were given a stunning sunset to end a beautiful day.

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